SCENES FROM SALAD (F) Fill All My Holes (Renouveau n°15) audio-visual performance  
Raum Via Ca' Selvatica 4/d Bologna   
Friday 2nd december at 10pm Xing presents at Raum Fill All My Holes (Renouveau n°15), audiovisual performance by the French artist Scenes from Salad. 

Fill All My Holes (Renouveau No. 15) is the title of the live-flanerie that is Scenes from Salad in Bologna, and is also a tribute to LVT & CG in Nymphomaniac, where she repeats this phrase, because brutally simplifying- life is just a matter of filling and emptying, in a loop of opposite tensions. Melancholy and realistic, Scenes from Salad carries a certain amount of urgency and (self-destructive?) desire, of taste for the insignificance, of understatement concerning fame and similar issues. This time it will be the umpteenth renewal of his shell (the 15th). Fed up with terms such as noise and other words used as labels, he prefers to invent his own, given that noise, experimental, and so on, do not mean anything anymore. Manipulator of moods, he produces lounge music and experimental pop with analog and minimal electronic means, and he is decidedly anti-archiving (he lost all trace of his former Black Lagoya project). Based on these premises Scenes from Salad -nickname of Jean Charles Delarue-, will perform his solo, accompanied by video projections that present him in some of his favorite activities, trivial at first glance, but maybe, like his music, conducive to a new form of psychagogisme.
Scenes from Salad is the monaker of  Jean Charles Delarue, a part time artist based in Paris. New Lounge Musique (NLM); iimprovisation; invested physically. Handling of moods via homemade oscis, tapes, plastic, voices, looper and few effects. Just a tremolo. A povera trip influenced by Eric Serra, Morton Subotnick, Ultra-Red, The Pastels & Bogdan Raczynski. He runs the French deposit series in Paris and collaborates with Hendrik Hegray (Molière), Romaric Sobac (BHL), Erik Minkkinen & Andy Bolus (K7 Straub), Nate Davis (City Band), Max Kaario (frgttn) & more. Also videast, he proposes some no comment (moment) short films gathered across Europe where the information exists malgré tout. Narrative, his videos have been presented in Geneva with Nelly Haliti, in Talinn at MIM Studios, in Berlin at Argh galerie and in Paris with Cairos Edition. Pop clip creator too. xxx perf across our continent.
ALEX VA on you tube ( 200 hundreds moments )


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